"Ballpark" Estimate for a Pole Barn Kit/Package
(Unconstructed. Materials only)
House of Steel, Inc.
10227 Route 219
Springville NY 14141
(716) 592-0117
Building Size Approximate
Select a building size from the drop down list.
A (width) x B (length) x C (height)
Gable end Sidewall
* Building materials for the pole barn size selected, include:
  40 yr paint-warrantied, 29g roof & side steel
  NYS certified trusses   All posts and framing lumber
  16" overhang on eaves   Stainless steel screws
  12" overhang on gable   One 9lite, white, man door
  Opening for overhead door
(not the actual door)
How many 4' x 3', white,
windows would you like?
Sales Tax 8%
Overhead doors are NOT included in the above estimate.
* These totals are "ballpark" estimates and are likely within a couple hundred dollars.
A more accurate estimate may be created for serious customers only.